In the beginning is an idea

It is a sociological initiative started back in 1995 from designers mindscapes, as a concrete action against unemployment thus urban migration problem entwined with social issues of land depletion, less educated resources, poor infrastructures cause by over-centralized development policy of the ruled regime that time.
An initiative to structure a producer community in rural zone through art-craft’s woodworking discipline, as an economical activity. Challenging people to earn their living on their hometown, stay put with their families. By ability to construct own discipline, feed own self correctly, there is a chance to create good works. It is a try to build own -modest- recognition toward pride of reliable works, share quality life to the world.
Reconstructed by end of 2008, stepping to the true objective toward independent attitude of self-management capacity by the members of the community themselves. Located in Punduhan, at far slope of Sumbing-Sindoro Volcanoes in remote Central Java, Indonesia.


'We must never discount the capacity of people to be moved
by the argument of goodness,' Barbara Ward




By the context, we stepped to design the sociological construction as a platform where design practice is not only possible but become a norm, along the way to refine ourselves, earning pride of what we do professionally by our functional, aesthetical objects. Design shall enhance our quality of life, sharpen our senses, bring joy and let it fun, to let us able to share it through our works to the world.


Producer Community

The actor is a person of liberated one, who aware of their context, their living environment, who want to respect and help themselves. Together structuring up a sane-fair community toward global sharing, offering good quality designs, executed in a tiny village that not even visible within regional’s map. Convincing that quality isn’t about territory but in the mindscape. By producer community we taking side as people who act, a praxis, to speak our true words, our version of events, try to transform the world.


Wood + Crafstmanship

Through wood we learn our reality, as material as hard as it. Crafting understanding of nature of growth and fair-respectful utilization, as our own existence. We learn by doing every step we make, try to value the thriving conscience, within the very essence of each practice towards mastery. Strive to become better human when actualizing the design among our fellow crafts(wo)men.

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Name: alura amara
Phone: +62 (0)82 1366 07203
Address: Kandangan-Rawaseneng Road Km. 0.2 Punduhan, Central Java, Indonesia | P.O. Box 200, Temanggung 56200 alura amara